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If your business currently pays for waste disposal or recycling:

  1. You're probably paying too much, and…


"It's called waste accounting … businesses fear that they are paying too much to have their garbage taken away, but they don't know what to do about it."

—The Wall Street Journal

Heartland Waste Solutions (HWS) increases profits for multi-location businesses across the United States by reducing their waste disposal (trash) and recycling costs.

Are your profits getting squeezed by lower guest counts, rising labor costs, third-party delivery services, increased competition, costly leases, and other factors outside your control? If yes then you need HWS to drive profit back to your bottom line.

As cost reduction specialists who focus exclusively on waste disposal and recycling, our proven system typically saves businesses between 20-40%. Join the success stories listed on our Client Testimonials page and enjoy:

  1. Increased bottom line profit due to reduced vendor and utility costs.

  2. Reduced overhead costs by outsourcing to an industry specialist.

  3. More time to focus on your core business.

  4. No more headaches dealing with waste disposal and recycling vendor service issues.

You deserve an unbiased and professional evaluation of your never-ending company-wide waste disposal and recycling costs. Call or email us and let’s discuss your situation.

“I’m pleased to see that we are still saving over 35% with your waste disposal and recycling program. The numerous vendor, equipment, and service changes you’ve implemented at our 32 TGI Fridays stores have worked well. Your attention to detail is evident in the new contracts that you negotiated with our trash/recycling vendors. Your company has been professional and very responsive to our store managers and regional managers. Our managers know to contact HWS and not the vendors with all waste and recycling matters, which saves our staff time and hassle and ensures that our stores are not taken advantage of by the vendors.”

Pete McKnight

Chief Financial Officer,

Atlanta Restaurant Partners, LLC

“Since Heartland Waste Solutions completed its waste disposal and recycling audit for my 58 Taco Bell stores in Kansas and Missouri our company-wide trash/recycling vendor costs have decreased each month by between 38% and 41%, as compared to what we used to spend before hiring HWS. You have come through on what you promised: a very detailed audit that did not inconvenience me or my staff, and you implemented all changes and these have worked for the stores. My staff and I value having your team interface with our trash/recycling vendors and managing this area on our behalf."


Duane Poynter
Director of Operations,

KC Bell, Inc.


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