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Heartland Waste Solutions has had the opportunity to work with great people in great companies. Here’s what a few of our Clients said after we helped them:

“With 26 stores, waste disposal was a significant company-wide expense for us, and I liked that your company specialized solely in reducing waste and recycling costs. Your efforts reduced our costs by 39%, and we will realize these savings for the long-term. My managers appreciate how smoothly the changes were implemented; your organizational skills and customer service skills are beyond reproach.”


Eric Cole

Vice President of Operations,

Original Bread Inc.

“You were able to find better and less expensive haulers in areas where I had not been able to, and you improved our contracts with current haulers to save money. You continue to be our “watchdog” for our 16 stores and you handle any issues the managers have without me getting involved. I’m happy to share with you the savings that you realized for us. I highly recommend your program to other business owners of any kind.”


Kevin Schlutz


Central Iowa KFC, Inc.

Former President of the Association

of KFC Franchisees (AKFCF)

“I’m very pleased with how you’ve helped our 56 Arby’s stores in eight states. Your audit was very detailed and, as promised, unobtrusive. Your recommendations made sense and were implemented without any issues. From your detailed negotiation of our trash and recycling contracts we recognized that your company really understands the business. We of course like the savings to our monthly P&L, and we also appreciate the time and thus overhead that you’ve saved our management staff."


Janice Carlson

Corporate Controller,

Carisch Inc.

“The Bistro Group first engaged HWS over 10 years ago to reduce our trash and recycling costs. You identified and realized savings of over 30% at our 28 TGI Fridays stores in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We have retained your company’s services over the years because of the continued value added in having HWS manage trash and recycling. Our staff have relied upon you for all matters dealing with trash and recycling.”


Albert Stahl

Chief Financial Officer,

The Bistro Group

“With 21 full-service restaurants in 12 states, trash and recycling is a substantial annual cost. Your recommendations made sense on paper, and more importantly you implemented the changes for us and the recommendations worked. You’ve achieved for Biaggi’s exactly what you promised: significant long-term savings, valuable time savings at the unit level, and new contracts with vendors that better protect us. You have been very responsive to our managers and continue to thoroughly review our trash invoices each month to find and correct vendor billing errors. We are very pleased to have you on the Biaggi’s team.”


Todd Hoveden


Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano

“Your audit of our 27 Kentucky Fried Chicken stores was very thorough and verified what I knew to be true, namely that a number of our haulers did not have our best interest at heart. The changes have worked well, and your work reduced our overall trash and recycling costs by 35%. Besides the hard savings, being able to outsource management of waste/recycling has freed up my time and that of my staff to focus on our other many responsibilities. I’m glad to have HWS onboard and have already recommended you to another KFC franchise owner.”


Terry Moffit

Director of Operations,

Weaver Enterprises, Ltd.

“The solid waste and recycling savings (> 40%) that we’re realizing for our 27 Sonic Drive-In stores from the various changes HWS has made is very close to the projected savings from your initial audit. Your company obviously knows how to deal with the trash and recycling vendors, as you successfully replaced existing vendor contracts at the majority of our stores by negotiating new contracts. We at PVG also like having HWS monitor the trash/recycling invoices each month to ensure that we’re not paying even $1 more than we should.”


Tasha Halley

Chief Financial Officer,

PVG Restaurant Group, LLC

“I am pleased to report that HWS has been very successful in helping our 11 T.G.I. Friday’s stores in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. We hired HWS because of your reputation and because you focus solely on waste disposal and recycling (i.e. not a generalist cost reduction consultant). Besides changing the type of service at a number of our stores, you used your industry leverage with the haulers to negotiate better pricing for us. The net result is that our trash/recycling costs have decreased by over 30%.”


Brad Bax

Vice President & CFO,

Tricorp Management Company

“With the changes that you recommended and implemented now in place, I’m pleased to note that trash and recycling costs for my 22 Taco Bell stores have decreased by more than 30%. Your team found past vendor overbillings and secured credits on our behalf. I appreciate the numerous clauses that HWS included in our new trash/recycling contracts to protect my stores from price increases and all the other add-on charges that the vendors like to apply. In addition, you were able to get us out of a very one-sided and unfavorable contracting situation with one of our previous vendors. In this time of rising costs and tight margins it is refreshing to outsource this area to your company while enjoying a substantial company-wide cost savings.”


Cameron Dunafon


Dunafon Enterprises, Inc.

“I’m very pleased with HWS’s work for our 31 full-service restaurants, both in reducing our company-wide costs by more than 30% and in managing all aspects of trash and recycling on a day to day basis. Your audit uncovered several substantial overbillings by our vendors that went back in time upwards of 18 months, and you successfully secured refunds for us from the vendors. The General Managers of our stores have commented that when an issue has come up, such as a mechanical problem with a trash compactor, you’ve gotten the issue resolved with the vendor much faster than the store was previously able to do on their own. This has been a win-win partnership.”


Murray C. Meikenhous

Vice President of Purchasing,

Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.

“I’m pleased to see that we are still saving over 35% with your waste disposal and recycling program. The numerous vendor, equipment, and service changes you’ve implemented at our 32 TGI Fridays stores have worked well. Your attention to detail is evident in the new contracts that you negotiated with our trash/recycling vendors. Your company has been professional and very responsive to our store managers and regional managers. Our managers know to contact HWS and not the vendors with all waste and recycling matters, which saves our staff time and hassle and ensures that our stores are not taken advantage of by the vendors.”

Pete McKnight

Chief Financial Officer,

Jackmont Hospitality, Inc.

“Since Heartland Waste Solutions completed its waste disposal and recycling audit for my 58 Taco Bell stores in Kansas and Missouri our company-wide trash/recycling vendor costs have decreased each month by between 38% and 41%, as compared to what we used to spend before hiring HWS. You have come through on what you promised: a very detailed audit that did not inconvenience me or my staff, and you implemented all changes and these have worked for the stores. My staff and I value having your team interface with our trash/recycling vendors and managing this area on our behalf."


Duane Poynter
Chief Operating Officer,

KC Bell, Inc.


“I was very pleased when your audit found 23% savings for my 16 Panera Bread stores across Iowa. I'm also glad to have HWS managing solid waste and recycling for my Freddy’s Frozen Custard stores. I like that my people don't have to deal with our trash/recycling vendors anymore - they simply call or email you and you take care of any issue. You've been a trusted advisor and I whole-heartedly recommend you to other businesses.”


Mike Young


MLY Investments, LLC

“We started working together 10 years ago when HWS performed a solid waste and recycling cost reduction audit for my 10 Panera Bread stores in Wisconsin and Illinois, and more recently I hired HWS to manage solid waste and recycling for Blaze Pizza. HWS has consistently found opportunities to save my stores money on trash and recycling, correct vendor overcharges, and minimize costs in this area. Additionally, having HWS negotiate vendor contracts and interact with the trash/recycling vendors on our behalf has been a good business decision.”


John Walch


Walch Hospitality Group, LLC

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